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What is Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)?

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a term used to describe the process of earning college credit for prior learning experiences such as military training, professional licenses, employer training, national standardized tests, departmental exams and/or other approved non-university educational experiences. 

How do I know if Prior Learning Assessment is right for me?

There are many potential ways that Prior Learning Assessment can help advance your educational goals. Central's learner concierge team is ready to help you identify opportunities and create a plan for success. 

How are prior learning experiences evaluated?

University of Central Oklahoma faculty are responsible for evaluating if prior learning experiences meet course learning outcomes and requirements. Recommendations from organizations such as the American Council on Education (ACE) are used to inform credit decisions. 

Do I have to be admitted to UCO to earn prior learning credit?

Students eligible to receive credit for prior learning must be enrolled or eligible to re-enroll at UCO.

How are grades determined for prior learning assessment?

Credit awarded for prior learning will be recorded with a neutral grade of P (pass).

What level of college credit can I earn through prior learning assessment?

At this time, credit for prior learning is only awarded at the undergraduate level.

Is there a maximum number of prior learning credits I can earn?

Although all prior learning credit will be posted, a maximum of 42 credit hours of prior learning credit will be counted towards an undergraduate degree; 21 credit hours for associate degrees. All students are expected to meet graduation and major residency requirements as detailed in the UCO undergraduate catalog. For example, credits earned through prior learning assessment do not count toward major residency requirements.